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Just Smile! | Patient Instructions in Cincinnati

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Patient Instructions after Dental Treatment


Post Operative Dental Extraction Instructions

Please follow the following guidelines for the first 24 hours after your extraction to avoid complications and the developing of a "dry socket", which is an EXTREMELY painful condition:

*Do not drink through a straw

*Do not vigorously rinse, swish or spit

*Do not Smoke

It is normal for the extraction site to bleed after you leave the office.  If the bleeding continues for more than an hour, wet a tea bag and gently bite down on it and keep it in the extraction site for 20 minutes.  Replace the gauze afterwards.  If the bleeding persists, please call our office.

Recommendations after Extractions:

1.  Brush very gently around the extraction for a few days

2. Apply an Ice pack wrapped in a towel to the cheek area

                 -15 minutes on and 15 minutes off -

3. Motrin can be taken for discomfort as needed

4.  Soft foods with mild temperatures, nothing to hot or cold. 

5.  Avoid Alchol and carbonated beverages.






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